- The fun way to train your dog
For all of your dog training, dog agility and dog obedience needs in Milton Keynes
Here at P3 we dedicate our time to work with your dogs and teach you how to have fun with them!  P3 are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

P3 Training Academy has a fun approach when it comes to helping you to train your best friend, your dog!

P3 specialises in Dog Agility and dog training in Milton Keynes, we help and assist all levels of agility and training.  We work to help and improve dog behaviour, socialisation skills and obedience which are all important to keep your dog healthy and fit!
We are in Milton Keynes, we have many years experience within the dog training and dog agility world.  We help you to enjoy your dog and helping them to become a balanced member of the family.
Dog training is fun!  Its a great way of spending time with like minded people, all working towards their own goals with their dog.   Remember, happy dogs, happy owners!!
Dog obedience is also an important part of your training wth your best friend.  We offer dog obedience in Milton Keynes as well as dog behaviour training.  We like to spend time with you working with your dogs.  Each dog has their own individual needs and throughout training it is important that you working on a "rewarding your dog" basis.  We work with positive rewards and motivation to get the best from our dogs. 
For further information please email:
or call 07907 695831

Congratulations and Shout outs!!!
Well done to Grace who recently got her first clear round with Blue

Congratulations to Andy and Molly who recently competed in their first show!  Way to go!!

Well done to Pete and Alfie at their recent show by not only getting their first clear round, but also winning the class!!  Way to go Alfie!!

Well done to Karen and Olly for getting a 2nd place in the steeplechase!  This is also their first clear round!

Barry and Tilly do it again!!  Well done for picking up a forth and a fifth place in small jumping!!
Way to go Maddy with Jethro!!  2nd place in grade 1-2 jumping as well as qualifying for the Arden Grange final!!
Barry and Diz are at it again!  Well done for your recent 9th place in small 3-5 agility!
Well done Debbie and Twiggy with your recent first place in agility!!
Congratulations to Kia AKA Flossy and Jane for their first clear round in 1-3 NBC class at Bats!!  Well done!!
Well done to Debbie and Jake who has qualified at their first show for the Arden Grange Final!
Yay!!  Maddy and Jethro got their first clear round at their first show of the year!  Even better than a clear, they came 7th!!  Well done!!
Grace and Lulu gained their first ever clear round in allsorts jumping!  What a great way to start the season, well done Grace!!
Congratulations to Gilly who has recently married!!  It was great to know that her beautiful Sati was with her each step of day and made a beautiful bridesmaid!  Cant wait to see the pictures!!
The Show season is here!!  For an up to date list of all of the shows, have a look on www.agilitynet.co.uk under schedules.  Remember, your dog will have to be registered under the Kennel Club for the Kennel Club shows.  This can also include being registered on the activity register.  Once your dog is registered, you will also need to arrange to have your dog measured to ensure that it is working at the correct height. 
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