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Here at P3 we dedicate our time to work with your dogs and teach you how to have fun with them!  P3 are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

P3 Training Academy has a fun approach when it comes to helping you to train your best friend, your dog!

P3 specialises in Dog Agility and dog training in Milton Keynes, we help and assist all levels of agility and training.  We work to help and improve dog behaviour, socialisation skills and obedience which are all important to keep your dog healthy and fit!
We are in Milton Keynes, we have many years experience within the dog training and dog agility world.  We help you to enjoy your dog and helping them to become a balanced member of the family.
Dog training is fun!  Its a great way of spending time with like minded people, all working towards their own goals with their dog.   Remember, happy dogs, happy owners!!
Dog obedience is also an important part of your training with your best friend.  We offer dog obedience in Milton Keynes as well as dog behaviour training.  We like to spend time with you working with your dogs.  Each dog has their own individual needs and throughout training it is important that you working on a "rewarding your dog" basis.  We work with positive rewards and motivation to get the best from our dogs. 
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Congratulations and Shout outs!!!

30th July weekend at Orchard Great weekend with lots of great runs. 
 Well done to Maddy and Jethro, Caroline and Dobby and Olly for some fab runs!  
Well done to Debbie with Jake who got a 3rd and 2nd.  Sunny also got a 3rd Place!   
Well done to Tricia and Lloyd for their 4th place.  
Grace and Evie went clear and worked really well on all of her runs! 
Well done to Jemma and Rolo for their 1st Place! 
Sylvia and Kym came 1st in their agility! 

Well done to Jemma and Rolo for their 2nd, 5th and 6th place at the KC Show!! 

02.17.16 - 03.07.16 Wellinborough DTC
Well done to Grace and little Evie for gaining not one, but two clear round rosettes in 1-7 small helter skelter and 1-7 small steeplechase!

18th - 19th of June 2016 Orchard Show
What a show!  It was great to see the P3 Crew in action! 
Well done to Tracy with Barney and Caroline with Dobby and Mary and Toby for competing at their first show! 
Alison gained two 3rd places with Casper & Paris and qualified for the final. 
Well done to Sylvia and Kym for coming 5th &qualifying for the final! 
Well done to Barry with Eddie for their 1st place in small 1-7 Steeplechase and a 3rd place!
 Robin and Jessi bagged a 2nd place in medium 1-7 Steeplechase.
Well done to Gemma and Rolo for their 1st place in small 1-5 jumping
Way to go for Karen and Olly for their 1st place in 1-7 small Steeplechase
Great runs by everyone including Gill and William, Pete and Alfie, Anna and Bruene,  and Paul with Molly. 
You guys rock! 

12th of June 2016
Well done to Susy and Freddie for winning both the 1-3 medium agility and 1-3 medium jumping!! 

11th of June 2016
 Well done to Jemma and Rolo for winning grade 1-3 small jumping today!! 

31st of May - 2nd of June JDA
Well done to Robin and Jessi for their 1st place in medium agility graded 1-2 winning them into grade 2!!  He also gained a 3rd place in 1-3 combined jumping!  Well done Robin and Jessi!
Well done to Jemima and Ollie for winning combined 1-2 jumping!
Way to go Debbie and Jake for their 4th place in graded 3-5 agility!

23.05.16 BATS
Great time had at BATS this weekend with some of the P3 crew!  It was great to see so many happy faces and waggy tails!  Well done!

30.04.16 - 02.04.16 Orchard Agility
What a weekend!!  Well done everyone!!
Robin & Jessi 1st Medium Steeplechase 1-7
Sylvia & Kym 1st Large agility 1-2
Barry & Tilly 1st place 1-3 small agility
Maddy & Jethro 3rd place 1-2 large agility
Pete & Alfie 5th place 1-2 large agility
Barry & Tilly 3rd place 1-3 small agility
Debbie & Jake 2nd place
Karen & Olly 1st place small Steeplechase 1-7
Debbie & Jake 1st place small jumping
Barry & Eddy 2nd place small jumping
Debbie & Twiggy 3rd place small jumping
Great rounds from:
Gill and William
Anna and Bru
Alison and Casper
Jemma and Rolo
Alison and Paris

20.03.14 Dog Barn
Alfie had lots of fun at the Dog Barn, and picked up a 6th place!  Well done Gill and Alfie
Well done to Jill with Paddy who won the 2-3 large jumping as well as the 2-3 small jumping and agility with Darcy!  Way to go!

Well done to Dillion for his 5th place in the large Steeplechase at M&M!!

Club Match

We competed in our first club match show this weekend against another local club in Hitchin.  It was full of fun and laughter and everyone had a fantastic time!  Well done to everyone who joined in!!

Great photos from some of the winners!  05.03.16

I hope you all had as much fun as we did!  It was great to see you all having so much fun and putting into practice what you have learnt in training!  Well done!!

The Dog Barn 28th of Feb
Way to go Robin who one every class he entered!  Jessi came home with 1st in agility, 1st in jumping and 1st in steeplechase!!
Gil and William had a complete blast and had a wonderful day.  Cursed by 5 faults but had a great day full of fun!
Jill had a fantastic day!  1st with Paddy in agility, 1st with Paddy in the steeplechase and 2nd in the jumping!  Lots of fun had with little Darcy!  And she only go another 1st place this time with Murphy in jumping!! 

RVA 27th of Feb
Well done to Barry with Eddie for his 12th place in jumping!
Jemima got a 2nd place with Ollie!
Susy and Freddie had a great day and was unlucky with only picking up a couple of faults in their run
Debbie picked up a 6th place with Jake
3rd place for Karen & Barry with Olly in the one dog two handlers class!

Well done to Jill and her wonderful boys this weekend (14.02.16) Paddy brought home 4th, 3rd and 2nd places, great runs from Murphy and she ran Darcy at his first show getting a clear round in jumping!
Alison also had lots of fun with Paris at the same show.

What can I say!  What an amazing weekend at The Dog Barn!
Well done to Debbie for her 1st and 2nd with Jake!
Also for her 1st place with Sonny!
Check out Jill and Paddy for the two 2nd places!
Well done to Jemima and Ollie for a 1st and 2nd place in jumping!
Fab runs by Robin and Jessie and well done for their 1st and 2nd places!
Well done to Barry and Eddie for their 1st place in jumping 1-7
Lovely run by Gil and beautiful William and well done for their 1st place in their height!

What a weekend!

Well done to Susy and Freddie for getting their 2nd place in 1-2 agility at RVA!

Check out Paddy with his 2nd place in grade 3 agility!

What a start to the new year! 
Well done to Jemma and Rolo and Alison with Paris for showing everyone what agility is all about, having lots of fun and enjoying it with their wonderful dogs!  Well done to you both!  Well done to Jill with Murphy for getting their first ever clear at their first ever show!  Well done to you all!!


Well, what a weekend this weekend at the Barn in Banbury!  Well done to the P3 Crew!

Check out Debbie and her 2 1st places!  One with Jake and one with Sunny!  Yay!

Well done to Robin with Jessi, who also bagged 2 1st places with her! Wow!

Yay to Pete and Alfie who came 4th!

Well done to Barry and Eddy for their fab 3rd place!

What a weekend with great runs from Jemima and Ollie and Karen with her Olly!

Way to go Suzy and Freddie for their 6th place at RVA in the 1-4 Helter Skelter!

Well done to Karen and Olly and Barry with Eddy for their 6th place in pairs at RVA

Debbie has done it again!  Well done to her and Jake with their 3rd place and another clear round with Sunny!

Well it didn't take Sylvia and Kym long!  Their second show and their first clear round!  Oh wait, did I also mention they won the 1-2 jumping with that first clear! 
Way to go Alison and Casper for not only your 3rd place in agility but also qualifying for the Arden Grange final 2016! 

Big shout out to Barry and Tilly this weekend who entered three classes and came home with three 1st places!!

Great results to both of our Welsh Springers! 
Pete and Alfie gained a 3rd place!
Well done to Gill and William for their 7th place!

Wow, another great weekend of agility with some wonderful results!  Well done everyone! 
Well done to Barry and Eddy for their 4 2nd places!
Gemma and Rolo for their first clear and a 3rd and 4th place!
Pete and Alfie for their wonderful runs!
Gill and William for their first show and wonderful runs!
Sue and Dillion for their first show and improving so quickly over two days!
Maddie and Jethro with their 2 5th places!
Tricia and Holly with a 2nd and a 4th!
Alison and Casper for their 3rd place
Tricia and Lloyd for having so much fun!
Jemima and her first show!
Karen and Olly for their 1st and 2nd!

What a weekend at Orchard!  Shout outs to:
Barry with Tilly for their 2nd place
Barry with Eddy for their 1st place
Karen and Olly for their 2nd place
Debbie with Jake for their 2 1st places
Maddy and Jethro for their 4th place
Debbie and Sonny for their 2nd place
Trisha and Holly for their 4th place
Susy and Freddie for their 2nd place

Great runs also by Pete and Alfie, Gem and Rolo and Alison and Casper
Way to do P3 Crew!!

Well done to Barry and Eddy for their recent 2nd place in small Helter Skelter at JDA!

Alfie does it again!  Well done to Pete and Alfie for their 6th place in agility at JDA!

Well done to Andy and Molly for their first KC clear round at BATS and gaining a 6th place!!

What a weekend at Orchard! 
Well done to Trish and Holly for not only getting their first clear round, but also being placed 4th! 

Well done to Debbie and Jake who came home with 2 2nds and a place in the final.
Well done to Maddie and Jethro for some amazing handling! 
Well done to Cathy and Jasmine for their first show and their first clear round!
 Wonderful handling and fun had by Pete and Alfie! 

Fab weekend had by Barry, 2nd place with Eddy and a 2nd place with Tilly! 

Great clear rounds had by Grace with Boo.  

Well done to Karen and Olly for their first place in 3 - 5 Small jumping! 

Jake does it again!  Well done to Debbie and Jake for getting an 8th in 1-3 small agility at Spring at Shuttleworth!

Pete and Alfie have had a great weekend, enjoying themselves at Spring at Shuttleworth and having lots of fun!

Well done to Grace who recently got her first clear round with Blue

Congratulations to Andy and Molly who recently competed in their first show!  Way to go!!

Well done to Pete and Alfie at their recent show by not only getting their first clear round, but also winning the class!!  Way to go Alfie!

Congratulations to Debbie and Jake in getting a first place in 1-3 graded small jumping!!

Well done to Karen and Olly for getting a 2nd place in the steeplechase!  This is also their first clear round!

Barry and Tilly do it again!!  Well done for picking up a forth and a fifth place in small jumping!!
Way to go Maddy with Jethro!!  2nd place in grade 1-2 jumping as well as qualifying for the Arden Grange final!!
Barry and Diz are at it again!  Well done for your recent 9th place in small 3-5 agility!
Well done Debbie and Twiggy with your recent first place in agility!!
Congratulations to Kia AKA Flossy and Jane for their first clear round in 1-3 NBC class at Bats!!  Well done!!
Well done to Debbie and Jake who has qualified at their first show for the Arden Grange Final!
Yay!!  Maddy and Jethro got their first clear round at their first show of the year!  Even better than a clear, they came 7th!!  Well done!!
Grace and Lulu gained their first ever clear round in allsorts jumping!  What a great way to start the season, well done Grace!!
Congratulations to Gilly who has recently married!!  It was great to know that her beautiful Sati was with her each step of day and made a beautiful bridesmaid!  Cant wait to see the pictures!!
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